Tuesday, December 26, 2017

the next day

Christmas was all he hoped for and more!
We gathered over brunch, exchanged small gifts and mostly just watched his delight in getting "Just what I wanted!"

I got to come home to a warm house and a productive afternoon and evening in reflective solitude. I gave me the gift of several hours of focused writing with zero distractions.

Like a lot of creatives, I kid myself that I work best with something in the background. It may be ok while roughing things out, first layouts, designing, first drafts, but when it comes to the hard work- revision- I have to be fully present to hear the errors echoing in my head. Hear them, call them out for the shitbirds they are, and kill them, even if it hurts.

So often, with old TV shows or music in the background giving me that creative white noise, I spent hours positioning and pinning bits and pieces of color until there was just nowhere else to move.

Then, with "The Sopranos" or "You've Got Mail" playing across the room, I'd move on to basting obsessively, and even hand-stitching until, hours and materials wasted, another UFO is born.

Not this time.

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Joanne S said...

Never watched the Sopranos but do LOVE You've Got Mail

The day after I wonder why I got so excited by Christmas. wonder why I buy gifts.
Anyway--I now have a pinched nerve under my right "wing"--any anytime I lift my arm pain is shooting.
But I can wash dishes, clean the stove top and cook meals because that's what women do.
Pulling up my pants and wearing socks? So painful I almost pass out.
I climbed back in bed four times before finally getting out an hoping for the best.
After I feed the family--I am returning to the couch and my heating pad.