Friday, February 02, 2018

Dirty threads

I kept the best for myself, but it's time to plan for more.      April seems a long way off.

What have you done with your dirty threads?


Joanne S said...

Other than hoard them?

I ask myself, before using the Dirty thread--is this piece worthy???
I mean, is it going to be good enough for the Thread?

If you truly promise to make more--I'll start using them.

Liz A said...

They are amazing and are currently in play on The Land as the Crow Flies, quilting down raw-edged strips of linen in lines of water flow ... they will also be the stars in a bagstories project I'm doing over at India Flint's private Facebook group, which I have yet to post on the blog. But most of all, they were the magic sauce for the words of Old Man Crow stitched into the Dream pennon for Mo over at It's Crow Time.

The rapid shifts in color with virtually no white space in between (how do you DO that?!) make them truly a joy to work with, and put other variegated threads to shame. I'm so glad to learn you will be making more!

Mo Crow said...

(((Deb))) the dirty threads are having a little private time with your bundle of wild dyed cloth that arrived last week, they will let me know when they are ready to rock!

Lori Shaw said...


Not sure if you can see the image above, but like Joanne, I had to let go of the need to hold tight to these gems! So, they are helping me bring together some layers of expression and walk through difficult times.

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