Thursday, October 15, 2020

A birthday

 Celebrated in a private, solitary way. At first, I thought I'd just ignore it, but then I thought about those who didn't get this little personal milestone, another year in this beautiful life.

 And so, I acknowledged it with something new and different and something old and strong. 

Went ahead with my decision to take the Firmament apart. 

As I looked for places to cut, I found this. A little digging in the archives  revealed when and why I stopped hanging stars in the sky.  I'll be happy to take them out of history and into another story.

Then I saddled up and drove south to inspect, approve, and buy a machine I'd never heard of before I saw it listed in the FB marketplace.
Truth it was the beautiful bentwood case that caught my attention. And why was it still listed after a week? 
The Singer 99k seems to be a very well-kept secret. Plainer then a fancy Featherweight. Heavier and twice the motor.  A warhorse!

It's been well maintained, but never allowed to languish. The owner was a smoker and loved her candy. I can see her bent over the machine, her head wreathed in smoke. A little bowl of jelly beans opposite a tin ashtray. There was old nicotine and stickiness at all touchpoints. 
A bit of time, some soft rags, mineral spirits and good machine oil and it's ready. 

Now, to go back into my clothes closet with the scissors and harvest some of that cloth hanging around doing nothing. I feel a Hectic quilt coming on. 

And from all the way around the globe, a package. A gift. More magic -in-waiting. Thank you! 

And most importantly, I voted.


Mo Crow said...

May you have many more happy returns and hours of fun with your beautiful Singer!

Liz A said...

Oh happy day!

Marti said...

Celebrate you, celebrate your Singer and most of all, hooray for voting in one of the most glorious masks I've seen, no doubt your handiwork! Feliz Cumpleanos, Happy Birthday Deb.

Joanne S said...

October 15th- my dad's birthday. He was so creative. And a craftsman. He would have so enjoyed that new sewing machine. He sewed on an old White and wished he'd had a Singer. An old work horse machine. I also love the wooden boxes those old machines came in. My grandmother's- his mom- treadle is in my Attic.
I don't use it but love having it here with me.

So- Happy Birthday. And I love that someone sent you floss and I love your mask. And I love you!!!!

Hazel said...

I hope this new year brings many more beautiful gifts!

Nancy said...

Happy Happy Deb!! Good on you for celebrating yourself and here we are wishing you another beautiful year! Have fun with your gifts, from others and to self :)