Thursday, December 01, 2022

a gathering place


Some people journal. Looks like this is where I'm going to spend the early morning light. Gathering thoughts, ordering them, organizing the day. Priorities. 

Remember the Magic InvisibiIity Cloak? It's long past wearable, gathering dust on the back of my office chair. I remembered how I rushed it into existence. Paving it over with whatever shouted the loudest from the River Basket.  I'll be salvaging the tasty bits that stayed strong. 

I'm not going to rush this new one. A stitch here, a stitch there, as time allows. Images that resonate, colors that thrill me. And never shying away from picking out a bad or thoughtless passage of stitching. 
Nothing lasts forever. 

And that includes inventory

On the one hand, the next hot summer day feels a long time away. 
On the other, how the days fly by!


Liz A said...

it's all about the journey ...

Nancy said...

A worthy way to spend your time :)