Thursday, September 07, 2023

Take heart...


...even though I feel like I don't have any to spare with this touch of 'Summer's over' melancholy. Season endings does that to me. A New England trait that's born into us even if the weather (wherever we wind up) is boring or radically different. I did get one more day in the pool! 

My heart has been stretched out of shape lately. Nothing drastic or dramatic, just a constant prickle of emotional shoves and a few kicks. 

Keeping a public journal of sorts does it too. Social media will do it for you without asking. My phone is failing in weird ways and I'm almost grateful, but in reality, one more bucket of bullshit to deal with.

In a fit of busywork, another Garden Heart gets stitched into being and now waits on top of one of the linen table moppers trying to get me to decide what it wants to be. 

Not much compares to having a furred, purring creature under your hand as you fall asleep at night.

That is my very first cusspot chock full of thread ends she's guarding. Have not yet caught her moving it, but it's never where I need it these days.


Tina said...

Reading Grace’s blog and now yours .. something is off cuz I know the two of you are not alone. I hope whatever this dark cloud hanging over us passes over and out sooner than later. Sending you gentle hugs and Blessings .. you do such absolutely beautiful work. Your dying and stitching .. your time and talent for writing shared here on your blog is always appreciated.

Liz A said...

when I was a kid we used to spend the entire month of August on Shelter Island in a tiny cottage with no TV ... we were allowed to run free with the one requirement that we had to be home "by dark" ... which came earlier and earlier as the month wore on ... Labor Day weekend was always an incredible bummer, having to clean the cottage and pack everything up to return home and start the school year ... so yeah, yesterday I noticed how much earlier the sun is setting ... there's definitely something about this time of year that triggers a kind of melancholy

Joanne S said...

September. My birthday. and the days are shorter and the dark comes sooner........
It's still hot and muggy here in Maine.....winter is still far away.......AC units running.
You still have another month......enjoy it.

Nancy said...

I understand about the phone failings and just one more thing to take care of! J's phone is not holding a charge and both of them do strange things like punch in double numbers, which makes punching in codes and such a real task! ugh
I also understand Seasonal Emotions. Hang in there, a new something is comin' :)