Monday, October 29, 2007

Now that the Season is Over

I congratulated my Dad early today on the Red Sox World Series win and now retreat into a "zero sports" mode until next April. While waiting on a batting purchase for the Big Blue Monster I'm trying to loosen up my freemotion moves with these little practice pieces. At first I had wild notions of hand stitching it. I spent an hour at that this morning, took another look at the deadline and changed my mind. I can make my Janome do what I need for this piece. Saturday I got down to OHCO an snatched up 10 yards of 90" cotton then made a special trip out to Snellville for batting and soda ash - a dyefest planned if the thermometer climbed out of the 60's. It never did but a quick check of dye colors on hand to find a seriously limited palette so a dye day will have to wait. Besides, I'm supposed to be getting ready for Saturday.

1 comment:

Wolf said...

Zero sports?!?
Hockey season is started !!!

Silly woman}:P

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