Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lousy weather=good day in the studio

I started the day early doing my webwork. Sussing out the nitpicking details of transferring a domain and building a splash page for a new client. Because I have become a bit jaded to the Usual Suspects when it comes to deciding on shows to enter, I wavered just a little with a Google search on "call for entries" and came up with one of the comprehensive list of art opportunities I have ever found on the web. If you are at a place in your fiber art career where you no longer get any jazz out of entering quilt shows or maybe, like me, you never belonged there in the first place, here's your chance. Get on over to Artshow and be prepared to lose a few hours if you are the least bit serious about your work. I hate to admit it but I was ready to spend the better part of the day playing manatee out in the pool but one moment the sun was blazing over the rooftop and then next - cloud city complete with thunder, lightning and hours of rain. Oh Damn Well, there's always tomorrow for lolling about and reading a wet Sunday NY Times. So, I hiked up the sarong and let the muted daylight of the studio take me to a slightly different place in my work with the salt dyed damasks. Add to that, some of Joan McGee's silk scraps and a new piece rose up from the flames of an idle day.


arlee said...

ooo i DO like this---the sprayed colours, the way you've woven through, the small contorted scraps. The 2 foreground pieces are flying out of that spacey door!! (Or *into* space?)

Delta said...

Thanks for the Artshow link. It's hard (but getting easier) to find appropriate venues that aren't quilt shows. I get the free editions of the artdeadlinelist ( and have come across some good ones on that. Gwen Magee also has a ton of references on her blog at