Saturday, July 26, 2008

Summer Garden

I had to piece the back together out of scraps of white and ecru muslin but Summer Garden is nearly done. Not a quilt - there's no batting - I want to spend some time doing some sort of hand stitching to hold the back and front together but it's so grisly hot and humid right now I think I'll put it aside awhile so I don't rush through this last step. The blues and greens for the border came from deep in the magic cupboard. I found a whole group of hand dyes of that soft, gauzy James Thompson Mills cottons from OHCO. I had forgotten all about them. I half contemplated inserting a handful of monkey teeth (think Prairie Points without precision) around the edges but got hasty with the heat and stickiness. This was fun to make so I'm sure there will be another time to try this again. I had forgotten how much I enjoy free form hand appliqué.


jude said...

this looks great, i am in love with this lightweight cloth idea.....of course mine is way to big to get a grip on yet, but i love the addition of the colored border.

Anonymous said...

I followed jude - it does look great, and cool, like sherbet

Ulla said...

Came here from Jude's blog and I just love your lightweight summer textile art.

Karen Newman Fridy said...

This piece is just lovely! I feel like the temperature has dropped a few degrees just looking at it...awesome color choices. Makes me want to go back to the beach.
I took a peek at the painting you referenced...I can see why it is inspiring...that sky - wow!

Jackie said...

dear Deb
I just checked laine's blog to see what the rection was to my bit of work and found your lovely comment. I find it both touching and exciting that people visit my blog...and that I have 'regular readers'. Thank you so much. I am enjoying your blog too.