Wednesday, August 20, 2008

almost home

Jimmy was sort of half sprung from the hospital today. The medical doctor cleared him to leave pending the surgeon's approval but the surgeon was too busy running through the halls with a chain saw. He finally popped by after I had gone home promising to spring my man in the morning. I nipped out in the middle of the afternoon to come home and see what had become of a batch of damasks that I had pushed into a stew of soda ash the day before Jim's surgery just about a week ago. What was I thinking? When I opened up the container I half expected 20 gallons of mush but the cloth seemed OK so I went ahead and sugar dyed it all. I have a "what if" in mind for some of this fabric. Nothing fully formed, just a notion. I was busy elsewhere so daily life has taken a back seat. My pool has been sadly neglected this past week and all manner of strange things just came out of the skimmer and dip net. I just hope I can get back in the water to do the real cleaning. The water has cooled down a lot and hurricane Fay will be drenching us in a day or so.


  1. Anonymous8:06 AM

    Okay, you got my curiosity going... what on earth is 'sugar dyeing'? And you're the only person I have ever come across who would take portraits of bugs!
    Glad to hear your hubby is coming home!


  2. Glad to hear your Jim will be home soon!
    Those bugs are kind of cool--course i might not say that if they were alive.....
    What's "sugar dye-ing"?

  3. glad to hear things are improving, what is sugar dyeing?

  4. Anonymous3:12 PM


    ;-) just couldn't resist -

    I know you're excited about Jim's homecoming - glad to hear he's coming along well...


  5. what is sugar dye?


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