Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Pursuant to the discussion I had with myself on the previous post I've started hacking up some of the larger pieces of fabric I have in my stash and putting together little sampler bundles. This from a girl who thought nothing of wearing striped socks with a plaid skirt. The individual pieces are roughly fat quarter or dinner napkin sized and total up to more than a square yard. Plenty to mess about with. I'll be listing them on Like Hotcakes adding more bundles as I keep grouping, ironing, folding sounds like work but it's kinda fun. I just have to remind myself that these little beauties are headed for someone else's studio or sewing basket.

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Jackie said...

This reminds me of when I bought wool tops for a felt class. I measured them all out and bundled them then looked again and started another pile for 'me' of the colours I liked...I saw sense in the end and stuffed it all into one bag.

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