Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Front Runner comes to Batt

Front Runner goes to batt and the Braves baseball season is off to a wonderful start as they are two games into handing last years world series champions Phillies their asses. I start my mornings with some webwork, a cup of coffee and lately, two consecutive hours of some of the best TV drama ever written going on in the background while I putter, stop, and become engrossed. Because I worked the second and third shift for many years, I didn't get to see West Wing when it was on in prime time, so many of the shows are new to me. "Two Cathedrals" was just on and this one, like many, moved me to tears. I don't care what side of the political aisle you sit on, I just can't help but be moved by people who have made public service their whole lives and I'm not just talking about the elected officials. I also keep in mind what an amazing artistic collaboration this TV production was and wonder about how it came to pass. Nothing in government would work without the people who move the mountains with teaspoons and I wish that I had made a career in that arena but then I remind myself that the contributions I have made matter a great deal to many people who care about me and I hike up my suspenders and get busy with my own teaspoon.


Terry said...

What a great show that was. I really miss it.
Have I told you lately (or ever) how gorgeous your photos and fabrics are? That top one with the scissors I'd like to blow up to poster size and hang on the wall! Your color sense really speaks to me.

Leslie said...

What Terry said, great photo! I missed West Wing when it was on and am waiting for Season 1 on DVD before getting into it. I also have been meaning to tell you, that I check your blog for the phase of the moon, much appreciated.

Cat said...

I love West Wing. It must be my third time through watching it. "Two Cathedrals" was one of the best. Tearful but grand!

Love your dyed cloth, too! I do some painting and dying as well and enjoy your blog.