Monday, April 20, 2009

shawl revival

For lack of anything else to do (besides muck out the Aegean stables that my studio has become) I nailed these dyed damask flowers on the pointed ends of my favorite velvet shawl. My seat at the office is close by the wall of glass (for the light) and the door breezes so I mummy up with this when the evening turns blue and cool.


Leslie said...

So what kind of nails did you use? I would love to see the whole piece, bet it's wonderfully cozy?

momid5 said...

please do NOT do anything to your new (linen or feedsack) "treasures" ...perhaps some museums might have need to do repairs to their "oldies" ...may be you were meant to be a Caretaker...???Because all of your own art is so appealing!