Wednesday, September 09, 2009


                                      Couldn't let this day pass by without some acknowledgment.       
Later, something to say about it all.           


a.n.t. said...

Number Nine, Number 9, Number Nine...JOHN lENNON
-while Lennon never revealed the true significance of those numbers, it is hinted that because his mother was run over on 9/09 on a street with a bunch of nines in the address - but that is speculative...will check back later for your reveal.
BTW - love those cuss pots...lololol and your heart to summer, too.
also - did you do your PT today?????

Anonymous said...

hi mom! we fixed all the cars so now i`m bored and decided to pop in and say hello! i like the pictures of pops parents i havent seen them ever, neat. anywho see ya for dinner later. love ya see ya bye jake

tiedyejudy said...

Is that by chance... a yellow submarine? Too cool!