Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ennui lurks

Even before my studio dye day with Elizabeth, Terri and Cleo, I've been rolling around in the clutches of  a nasty case of  Arteest's Ennui.

Yeah, I had to look it up to be sure but it's  "a general lack of interest, boredom or depression. It may also refer to oppressive boredom - a state of being rather than a passing mood. "

I was hoping that an art day out would put me back on the rails but good, instructive company over fibers, dye and lunch didn't help. My fabric results rather reflected my attitude - lackluster and washed out except for this vintage table runner doctored here with inks & alcohol. The rest await another dye try.

In the house I grew up in about the only sin that got immediate retribution was being fool enough to act as if or actually say that you were bored. My parents worked too hard raising four kids to brook any of that nonsense. Heinous chores were instantly handed out.

Just when I am contemplating why I am fooling with fabric and making prune faces over the fact that the zing has gone out of making art, the nods and opportunities come tripping over themselves and my doorstep.

Elements deadline must to be met on Sunday!  Front runner must go.

I need to re-up my SAQA membership right quick so I can study up on Commissions. There's one beckoning.  And one other small jewel from the dyeday:


jude said...

and oh what a jewel.....

a.n.t. said...


tiedyejudy said...

It seems to be going around... ennui, I mean! No, I haven't caught it yet... been too busy - doing fun things, but busy nonetheless! I think we all need a rest from time to time, and our creative-ness needs it too! Trouble is, I never feel quite right when I'm not creating... but it does come back, you know it does!
BTW... the table runner is awesome, and I also remember the 'remedy for boredom' of our childhood! Moms are all alike...

arlee said...

Ennui is a true bitch. Glad the right woman came along in the form of Opportunity :}

My father would make me clean the oven if i was bored. After the second episode, i kept my mouth shut and took my boredom outside to the fields :}

Harmony Hopes Studio said...

Ennui is all the way up here in Canada. I did nothing productive except wash the kitchen and bathroom floors and do the laundry. What is it? Days getting shorter? That's it. The fear of the on comming ton of snow and winter hibernation. Grrrrrrrr!
The glow of your jewel from dyeday is brilliant.