Monday, October 19, 2009

getting back to normal

I guess if it's Monday I have  to leave for work shortly but I have this little scrap to take along with me. Over the weekend I actually had time to get a sleeve sewn on to a large piece and start a new little piece of hand music. Speaking of which - I accidentally gave my ipod a lobotomy the other day so I grabbed a pile of dusty old CDs and convinced my GoodMans laptop to put them onto the empty ipod.  One of the files was a radio program I favor from NY called Idiots Delight.  So on 10.19.09 I was listening  to a show from sometime in 2006 but the announcer started out saying "Vin won't be broadcasting from Studio V tonight because his phone line is down so here's a show from 07/06/02" wherein Vin played a clip from 8.01.2000 where a  puppet named Oogie was a guest on the show..(I'm still falling through the time rabbit hole here). In one ear I am listening to people giving accident reports and in the other ear the puppet is getting out of hand and I can't help chuckling while people are telling me about the damage to whatever or someone who was choking on a bone at a restaurant. My brain is split jelly.


Sue Reno said...

I love Idiot's Delight--the perfect antidote to canned corporate radio, with Vin's encyclopedic knowledge of music and superb storytelling skills.

tiedyejudy said...

Surreal! No wonder you need handwork to keep you stable! And I love the kitty's plaintiff, long suffering gaze... "can't you ever just pay attention to me for even one minute, puh-lease?"