Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lightning Bugs

This piece continues to amuse and entertain me. I hope I'll know when it's time to quit. There's a basket full of little things like this that I have worked to death.                       

Off to JoAnn's before my coupons expire!


jude said...

working things to death creates new life.

arlee said...

SO dynamic!

arlee said...

oops forgot to mention i love that little white bit with the swoopy stitched lines--like a patch of snow

Penny said...

Deb, is this the one single bug that ends the world? I, I, I. I see a big screen si-fi opportunity developing! Lol.

Jackie said...

I haven't been blog reading lately so had a lot to catch up here.
I really enjoyed the feast of colours and dying you shared.
Hope your birthday was good.