Sunday, October 04, 2009

Norcoss Art Fest 2009

I can't say enough about what a great show this has been so far. The organizers and volunteers have made the comfort and safety of the artists a top priority. I keep telling everyone that this is the ONLY show I do but Frances will be  doing a new show in nearby Roswell in spring and I'd be a fool not to participate.

One of my customers (who knew that the fabric postcards were art before they were postcards) bought a frame from another vender and came back to show me how great it looked.  Thanks so much!
aI was flanked on both sides by glass artists so my booth was easily identified as family friendly - absolutely everyone who ducked in felt everything within reach, those who didn't wanted to and I encouraged them. I loved watching peoples faces as their gazes went from the postcards (my biggest sellers) to the crocheted cusspots (kids loved these) to the scarves, small art pieces and then to the pieces lining the walls. I saw a lot of looks of amazement. Seems like what I brought to this show was unique to most of the visitors experience.     
I got to talk a lot about techniques. There is no tyedying or batik going on here.. This piece and Cellular Seizure drew people to them almost hypnotized.

Time to get ready for day 2!                                


tiedyejudy said...

You go, girl! Hope you sell your sox off!
BTW, nothing wrong with tie-dye and batik, but what you do is totally unique... Deb-ware!

jude said...


susan said...

yeah! selling your art must be so satisfying. i am not producing as much as i would like so far. i think this has been such a huge move/change for me. somedays i am paralysed by anxiety and loneliness and miss the ocean soooo much. but we have been to lake superior twice in the past week and the surf has been pumping. i have making a total of close to an hour. i need someone to isolate the audio, loop it for me into a 60-90 min cd. when i get real scazzy about missing the big blue i can crawl in bed, put on the headphones and listen to the pounding surf.........i cannot believe how relieved and relaxed i was sitting by the lake. mark got bored fast but i didnt want to leave.