Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Shipping Frenzy

Nope. I reject frenzy. Struck "frenzy" and "guilt" from my vocabulary a long time ago.  But I will have to get stepping. Totally tickled that both of these pieces will be heading out to Arizona to Art Quilts XIV: Significant Stitching and  four other pieces headed to the Skinny Envelope exhibit in Florida.

Instead of muttering about my lack of studio time I've decided to follow this cloth cartoon path and dig up an old sketchbook full of ideas that fit the slow and portable mode of stitching - stuff I can work on at stop lights -no texting while driving for me! I have sketches ready that went along with this post about a childhood prayer that most of us were taught, like it or not.

Here is one of the pieces that went to a new home this past weekend. I hope she enjoys it as much as we did.


jude said...

seems you are hot these days!

Morna said...

I LOVE these. :)

a.n.t. said...

prayer story - too funneeey. I jus love the way you think...funny lady!

Mazel Tov on the successful art fair! You gotta feel good about that!