Sunday, October 11, 2009

strange days

It's Sunday and Jim had to work today leaving me to my own devices for the first time in ages. I almost forgot what those days were like but when you start the day with a hearty belt of Robitussin the rest of the day will get weird.

I spent two hours vacuuming & marveling at the cool tracks the old Hoover made in the carpets before I figured out that I was too stoned for housework. So I switched over to art and kept to the practical side of the street.

There was a great score at Goodwill yesterday - I had a need for retail therapy and almost always come away with great finds from there. It pays to live near the affluent.

The gray fellow inviting me to a dance was a large 100% wool J.Crew sweater that accidentally got felted. Now what?
This is a cotton & ramie sweater that I pitched whole into the dyepot. I love dyeing over embroideries. This one will be hacked up and repurposed in dozens of ways.

There is also a leaf green dashiki that was big enough to drive a MiniCooper into. I just haven't had the energy to iron that acreage today or photograph it.
Probably the best find (for 2$) was a pair of Queen sized flat cotton sateen bed sheets. You can never be sure that "100%" cotton does not include a healthy dose of whatever will impede the dye but I cut off a strip for a test and after a nominal soak in the soda ash and just a few hours in the dye, these impromptu shiboris came out just great.


Morna said...

Your "impromptu shiboris" are amaing!

jude said...

look at those colors.

It pays to live near the affluent....ha, ha, ha. have fun hacking and re purposing.

tiedyejudy said...

I snorted when I read the part about the cool tracks the Hoover made.... girl! You are too funny!

a.n.t. said...

lovely "impromtu shibori" - you must share that technique with me, I hate all that tedious stitching and wrapping - arrrrrgh. I UNDERSTAND totally about the groovy marks on carpet - been there, DONE that - lololol

Leslie said...

Tristan Blakeman is looking for a Mini Cooper sized dashiki, believe it or not. He posted about it on FB yesterday or the day before.