Sunday, May 16, 2010


Yep, it's still about the stitch. 
The lesson I want to pay close attention to
is stopping before too much unwanted
happens. No stitching just for the
sake of doing it.


  1. And when does one know WHEN to stop? Any thoughts? I sure as heck don't have a clue.

  2. always to be determined stitch by stitch. I have learned to slow even more and use shorter lengths of thread...more stopping places.

  3. For me the cloth is the story, the thread the punctuation--what chapter is most important? which character? which drama or comedy?
    i just stop now and stop :)

  4. havent been by lately but see you have been busy. i looked at the stuff you had for sale, i bet alot of people wanted that on, ah, started with a P i think. loved the fabric that looked like finger painted circles. nice....i have to start gearing up for summer dye classes, they are fun and very profitable but i have to haul so much crap...completely fills up my littl focus wagon. love teaching in marquette, usually two days in a row, classes usually full. there is a tiny camper trailer for sale down the street, so small, so cute perfect for us. if we go camping i am not into sitting with the ticks and stuff. sleeping on the ground is out. it has a tiny stove and oven and sink. it needs a little work but would be fun. mark is not into it yet, but if i pay for it, wht can he do :-) i am asure my foucus can pull it. well, keep up the good work as usual.


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