Sunday, May 02, 2010

getting his bearings

For those of you who are following the Bear restoration, he can see where he's going now and his inner eye is on the game as well.  Mere buttons would not do here. A nice no-nonsense nose seemed in order. I'm still thinking about how I want the mouth to look but I have to get some new stuffing first and get him back to being 3D before any grinning or dental work is started.


  1. Looking loved!! Do you have a little soft spot for what's his name anyway?

  2. Oh please, dear universe, it I ever get lost and damaged, I want to be found and restored by Deb. I LOVE what you are doing here with this bear. So sweet. Now I am looking for lost and damaged stuffed souls to save and bring back to life. Really, this could be a full-time job if one went on lots of walks and travels.


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