Monday, May 24, 2010

in touch locally

So what did we do with no internet, no landline and no cable TV since last week sometime?

More of many things that have been neglected for too much instant and effortless gratification! Big
revisions about all of this for me.

We piddled about in the studio rescuing many tiny scraps bound for oblivion. They are in the process of "Becoming" to quote Hannibal Lechter but I get the distinct impression that Sweetie has a low opinion of the whole exercise.

The painting on this one has resumed thanks to two consecutive days of glorious weather.  I hope you have all had the experience of resuming work on an old piece that fell short and found a way to make the thing come alive in wonderful and unexpected ways.

After I finish with this one I'm going to take up painting murals on airport runways driving a striping truck!

I was recently captivated by a rebroadcast of an old documentary on PBS about the making of the Cirque du Soleil show LOVE.  I never had a craving to visit Las Vegas - too much desperation in the air - but I'd go just to see this show.
Do you think the colors seeped into my psyche? Nah, they've always been there.


  1. Love the colours, nice work. What size is this?

  2. OH OH WOW WOW that is one powerful field of colour and shape now! A landing strip indeed!

  3. Judy - I've not yet dragged out the BIG tape measure but my husband with his carpenters eye estimates it 5+ feet wide and 7+ feet tall.

  4. Doina2:51 PM

    This is a lovely piece of work - the colours are so alive and the whole thing is breathing into a new life, I hope a lucky one - I mean to have it exhibited somewhere nice, so it can be appreciated and loved as it deserves. A very good idea, this process of "becoming" in painting for the old undecised pieces. :)

  5. oh this is just glorious - so beautiful, so vibrant!

  6. Crazy!! the best kind of crazy! Fabulous!!!! Do I see piano keys too? The colors just make me want to swoon and dive in. Yum. You are incredible, woman! And you have such a handsome kitty. I think Sweetie likes living with an artist.

  7. the piece is gorgeous!!! and I AM currently working on reviving an old, languishing piece...

    I saw Cirque du Soleil a few years back in Boston... they were un-f*%^$@@@ing believable. It was a couple of weeks after the summer Olympics and they made the gymnasts seem downright remedial!!


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