Saturday, May 08, 2010

mad scientist time

Remember these?  Thanks to everyone who helped to identify them for me.
Mahonia, the Oregon Grape.

Well, I couldn't resist an experiment involving cloth when I saw that they had ripened to this.

 Go Here for a wordless pictorial

The cloth is a section of that vintage
tablecloth that I have been hoarding.

Now I wonder if the stains will stay. Should I douse the bundle in vinegar or something to set the colors? Until I hear back some wisdom, I'm just going to let it poach in the sun, wrapped in some me if you have a clue.


arlee said...

If it works, wow. I'd be asking Kim Baxter Packwood

Terry said...

I don't know anything about dyeing with Oregon Grape, but will be interested to see your results. My Dad once made wine from Oregon Grapes. It was terrible--undrinkable!

jude said...

i'd be asking india flint.

Karin said...

Would love to know if it works cause we have dozens of these plants in our garden. Although the "grapes" are smaller, the colour is the same.

Jacky said...

This looks wonderful...I look forward to seeing the end result and have a *play8 myself when my plant has berries (I hope they come to fruition out here in Australia).
I hope you get more information on dyeing with them.
Love those inquisitive kitties!!!

Jacky xox

iNdi@ said...

actually Mahonia [unlike blackberry or elderberry] are 'reasonably' substanitve....

Dori said...

What came to mind for setting the berry color was Salt. Go to It says salt for berry dyes. The species mahonias here in Oregon look somewhat different than the plant by your office. I've seen a lovely bluish-lavender from the species plant. Have fun.

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