Thursday, May 06, 2010

Random Acts of Dyeness Renovation

I've come to terms with the need for working smaller and have decided that most of the pieces of hand dyed fabrics that I have for sale are probably more than anyone needs. They are more  than I need for sure.

To that end, I'll be overhauling the store -taking down some of the yard sized pieces, cutting them up and putting them together in project sized collections and groupings like this one. 
I've run out of ideas for naming things like this so I'm just going to run the's Archer.


zquilts said...

Gosh! You know I keep thinking about down sizing a lot! I have stuff spread all over the house. Then again, until I can stand up in my work room I keep thinking that it really isn't all THAT much! I'll get to it though before too long! Great fabrics - they won't last long !

Jacky said...

Great fabrics... I like the idea of the packs with the smaller pieces too.

Jacky xox


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