Tuesday, May 25, 2010

travel for the non-traveler

 On reflection about being webless, one of the things I missed was "traveling".  My life is quite circumscribed by my daily duties - the 13 mile drive to work is fraught with  tedium. I allow an hour to get there in the afternoon because of the lunacy of the local traffic,  but the homebound trip spins by in twenty minutes 'round midnight when I get off and where the big excitement will be watching or participating in a police stop.
Ah, the blue lights!

Often, I'll get home on a friday night and my car won't stir until monday afternoon.  I travel by mouse, far and wide. I know it's not the same but it will have to do.
Here are some regular stamps on my imaginary passport:

Dartmoor, UK ,
Edinburgh, Scotland and
Dartmoor, UK (again I've just discovered)
Spain among many others.


Anonymous said...

We have some of the same destinations on our travels by mouse - perhaps we might meet somewhere.....I hope to go to T's exhibition in the next few days. Like the colours in your current piece.

Phyllis said...

So where do you work that you get home at such an ungodly hour?

Mouse travel can sometimes be the very best way to venture out into the world. I am a homebody. I love my mouse.

Velma said...

this piece looks wonderful!

Deb said...

I work at the Whine Mine (a call center) and choose the afternoon evening shift, so I can get up early and have part of the daylight hours to myself.. MUST have that after lunch nap though. MUST!

Jacky said...

The colours in this fabric are just beautiful. I love the circles of colour, they look to hover.

Driving too and from work is a dreary, mind numbing event for me too. I travel just over an hour each way (can think of better things to do with two hours each day).

Love your cat in the post below. I have a new kitten (Minnie) very similar looking.

Jacky xox

jude said...

so now we are traveling companions!

Morna said...

I like the way you are taking full advantage of the extra pages option. I have great plans ... one of these days! :-)

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