Tuesday, June 22, 2010

rag rescue continued


This is the step that I like the best - indulging my dot-itis. I made it a dual step this time - while the discharge paste is working, I oversprayed them with a dye/soda ash solution. WooWoo, I've seen some of the results but y'all will have to wait until tomorrow. I need a nap.


  1. ooh, I love these; they're like constellations in the night sky.

  2. That's the discharge paste being so bright white. Once it's washed off and neutralized there will be a range of bright colors in those spots.

  3. oops, sorry for my ignorance. How annoying to have someone love a piece in progress; I don't like it when I get raves for an unfinished piece, with someone saying to leave it as it is. We have to finish.

  4. I make the mistake that people know the process as well as I do..no need to apologize. Yeah,this chemical process is like a freight train. Once it gets going, you had better be tending things. I have reaped a whole length of fabric full of HOLES!

  5. And i would love to be able to replicate the hole fabric :)

    And dyeing *while* discharging---thinking outside of the box and time saving!


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