Saturday, June 26, 2010

silk velvet

A few years back I did a booming season selling hand dyed silk/rayon velvet scarves at a few local craft fairs - no mean feat in Georgia. "The Velvet Lash" was quite successful for a while but in a years time were passed over in favor of the trixier ones that were crocheted or knitted with things like Monkey skins or copper wires and such..

I was probably selling them too cheaply but it was a learning experience and I came out ahead of the game. I had a few left over that were too garish for the crowd. They were originally dyed with Procion MX with bonds viciously to the rayon fibers. Since these were 80%rayon and 20% silk, I figured that the Colorhue dyes would not be wasted on them. I was right.


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oh good lord those are hot juicy sexy love scarves!

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