Friday, June 25, 2010

Tigers Go Swimmin Wit Bowlegged Wimmin

That title ought to drag in a new and interesting audience!

For the moment this is a picture-less post. A heads up and reminder to self to let go worries and enjoy the good stuff. This is my first Friday off from work in forever and I've packed too much into the day but while it's still coolish outside I'm going to be putting dye to some silk. Pictures will surely follow.

I'll be going to my first ever Friday night Fireworks ballgame at Turner Field tonight.Pray for a Win..I can't imagine enjoying fireworks if the home team gets their ass kicked can you??

As to that strange title - I keep having to pinch myself to believe it happened.

Yesterday Jim and I were drifting around in the pool  when I noticed Sweetie leaning in to take a drink (we work hard to keep the pool clear and clean with minimal chemicals).

I drifted over to her. She didn't spook and split. I scratched her cheeks,  put my arm around her and took her in both arms in a safe grip and stepped away from the edge.

She didn't freak or fight or even tense. I let her legs and body be in the water all the while singing her a little song "tigers go swimmin ...." after a minute I took her back to the deck and let her debark. She was as wet and amazed as we were and scampered off to groom and be cooler.

Next time, I'll try to get pictures. If I didn't have a witness I would think it was a dream.


  1. You are one brave woman--i wouldn't even attempt to think about that with ours, as big babies as they are!

  2. a.n.t.11:37 AM

    lolololololol - hmmmm, maybe some Turkish Van cat in the mix???? But on the more realistic side, you tricked the CAT - I'd be very careful when I slip my feet into any shoes left laying about, Cats will get even for "tricks played on them." lololol


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