Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Dixie Mink

From here straight to the pool! I wish I could convince the cats they would feel better after a dip but then I'd be bitchin' about hair in the filter.

I've been off putting up a quick & dirty website for a client ( I NEED CONTENT DAMMIT!) and am just now getting to sort through all the great fabric I dyed last week. A new box of vintage damasks should be hitting the porch sometime today  and I'll be working on them shortly thereafter.

It's been gruesome, August style hot here in Georgia for several days now. We have become accustomed to living without AC but these past few days it's been tough.  Like many people who work in over air conditioned offices I go back and forth between 95 & humid to 68 and crackling dry. Many of my coworkers sit in their cubes draped in Snuggies looking like monks in a cult of monitor worshipers.

I took advantage of the early morning cool to shoot & post five juicy new sets of fabrics to the store  -about half coming from the latest dyefest.  In case you've wondered about the titles, I keep a running list of beautiful, exotic words - place names mostly - the kinds of words you repeat to yourself two or three times just because of the way they sound.  Here's "Night Queen"


  1. She looks very Lynx like! I had the Spastic Elastic Mink around my alabaster neck earlier---she for once demonstrated to me that i *am* the Woman Who Provides.

    Night Queen is HAWT!

  2. What a Sweetie! She does look hot, though...
    I don't miss working in the A/C'ed office... 'course, we're 7,000 feet up, and the temps here and the humidity are lower. At least you've got the pool!

  3. Anonymous10:53 PM

    hot colors in earlier posts more than this one...

  4. Anonymous10:53 PM

    love the pictures! hope you get some cool air soon, but I'll admit to loving the hot colors you're producing


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