Monday, August 16, 2010

blues and blooms

I woke up before dawn this morning and "Witness" was on the TV, sound way down low so it was all about the marvelous colors that everyone (except Harrison Ford) was wearing. I wonder if the Amish really dress this way?

and for the first time since they were planted, all four of my crepe myrtles are blooming at the same time.


Bookhandler said...

I recently drove the back roads of Amish country in Pennsylvania on laundry day. Clothes lines starting at shoulder level stretched way up high, to end tacked onto barns or other out-buildings. They were on pulleys which allowed them to be loaded and unloaded from the low end. The clothes--and there were lots--seemed to be sorted by color. All the dark blue together, all the dark red together, etc, and there were some beautiful rich colors--but also some cheesy bland ones too. It was an amazing sight. But the corker was passing a funeral procession--at least a dozen buggies led and followed by official funeral automobiles.

Patty said...

We camp in Amish country, Gap, Pa
each fall. And yes, the colors chosen for clothes are subdued.

There's a wonderful fabric store,
Zook's Fabric, near there and one
part of the store is for the local
Amish to buy fabric for clothes.
It's lovely and subdued compared to the other part of the shop... said...

There are different divisions among the Amish and Mennonite beliefs. I have seen some dressed exactly like this. We have a Mennonite sect near us, and they do dress like this. Some take offense at women in shorts, tops that are anything but up to the neck and long sleeved, or pants, short skirts, etc. The people I know ask that when dressed like that, we do not come to their shops or home shops. No pictures, either. In this area, they generally keep to themselves, and are self sufficient; not interested in friendships with outsiders, or the "English". Some use horse and buggy, some sects use cars. Some have electricity, some do not.