Monday, August 09, 2010

ocean homes progress

It's been too hot to handle cloth much less do any stitching here in the south, but enough of that whining.
Yesterday there was a slight break in the oppressive weather and I sat under the fan in the studio and took up this long cool drink of water once again. Holding it at arm's length, I can't believe I've committed to a mile of crossed stitches but there you have it. As soon as I started sewing again, I knew this was what the piece required. I also know that one moment I'll find the last stitch is done and then it will be time to add the second layer and start hand quilting the waves.  Each of these pieces of cloth has a history and character and it's a pure pleasure to be bringing them together in this way.

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Phyllis said...

The colors are so soothing and refreshing. Seems like the heat this summer has been oppressive for so many. Hope you get some relief soon. At least this beautiful piece can bring some pleasure and beauty.