Friday, August 20, 2010


We had a bad shock yesterday morning. Awoke to find the water level down almost a foot from the edge.

We thought there was a leaking in the aging hose system that is concealed under the decking all round the pool - a nightmare to service or replace.  The water loss turned out to be from a valve that had stuck not quite closed during a backwash.  Thanks to the Pool Deities and other interested parties.
 Living without air conditioning down here would be brutal if it wasn't for the relief of the pool.  I will be spending the morning preparing new fiber collections some have been clamoring for  to post in the store...and then diving in!  Any colorway requests before I begin? What's the color mood?

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Diana Angus said...

I hope it is not too late to send suggestions. Bicycling past a big prairie area in central Ohio brought these to surface:

Yellows, at least 8, matched with green, brown and black. Greens, at least 40, with a surprising amount of lighter colors usually assoc. with spring. Browns, including tan, dark brown and a dark purply brown. Purples, from light (phlox) to medium (bachelor buttons) to deep red violet (thistle?) Beginning fall colors here in Ohio and that is not counting what the leaves are doing.

Have fun! Love, love, love your hand dyes! (And your beautiful art.)