Sunday, August 01, 2010

readying and fresh starts

We almost lost Louie this past winter. This dieffenbachia was a wedding gift from Donald and I left it out on the deck through a freeze and thought it was a goner.   I cut sections of the cane and tried rooting in water but they all seemed to rot rather than root. I buried the slimy chunks of stem in various pots out on the deck and they have almost all managed to make a comeback in the company of lavender and tomatoes.

This Painted Lady stopped by my work table this morning and asked "what the hell? Where's the work? Who stopped making the donuts??"

And I cleaned out my go bag and decided that my needle roll was pretty grubby looking and put in for a soak.  All this by way of preparation for some new beginning. No clue as to the direction right now but vacuuming the floor of the studio so I can actually see it is also a good start.

I've also decided to put these in more competent and inspired hands than mine are at the moment.


arlee said...

funny, i'm at that point too--can't see the floor for the trees :)
Alberta butterflies are boring!
And the needle roll, now why don't i have one, instead of jabbing it in work in progress, usually therefore jabbing it into my leg or hand?

Deb said...

I have a little go-bag for hand stitching when away from home and was inspired by several pieces of hand dyed flannel to make a little soft foll-up & tie to hold pins and needles..something that didn't rattle & clank.