Sunday, August 29, 2010

so raw

What do you see?  A pile of old sheets?

I see pure potential!

A friend has a naughty dog who raises mayhem with the bedsheets, digging for that ever elusive comfortable place, tearing the fragile 100% cotton fabric in unmendable ways. I hate it for you but I'm thrilled you thought of me before deep sixing  all this fabulous cloth.

This is hands down my most favorite kind of cloth to work with. Vintage, well used sheets take the dye in strange and wonderful ways. Not just into the cloth and the thread, it seems like the very soul and being of the cloth is anxious to absorb the color as if to find, one more time, a way of  being useful and alive in new and wonderful ways.  I am dizzy with the anticipation of color.


arlee said...

i scour the thrift stores for these, but have found a score in the backyard of the abandoned house on the corner--they're all outside in a broken down greenhouse-----these will be amazing---fiber reactive becomes history reactive!

Harmony Hopes Studio said...

Okay! I'm jealous.

Phyllis said...

I can just feel the texture and comfort in these. Can't wait to see what you do with them!

lisette said...

yummo! looking forward to seeing what becomes of this lot :)

quilthexle said...

So that dog is a helper - cool ! I hunt for those sheets at fleemarkets, when I find some, I'm just happy. I love how they look when dyed; and it is a pleasure to work with these fabrics!