Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

I've put this and the last of the stuffed cusspots up for sale in the Random Acts of Dyeness store - I cranked this one out last night between customers and, for the first time, had an inkling of what carpal tunnel feels like. I can do without crocheting for good while!

There are new books to be read and I don't anticipate a busy evening although holidays have a way of bringing the wackos out of the woodwork. Since I'm working until midnight anyway, I've offered up my services as a designated driver so I may be out and about after dark this New Year! A first in many.


  1. oh me too. i will be out plowing through the snow in my jeep wrangler.

  2. Love this one!
    Happy New Year ! I wish you health, happiness, prosperity and a touch of magic!

  3. Oh I LOVE THIS!! Cuss Pot!! You have a very clever way of turning a phrase! Sorry to hear about your hand issues. I have trouble with tendonitis in the hands and shoulders, so limit my crochet work to "must haves" and work on those for a limited amount of time every day. Same with knitting. And if the truth be known, I'd MUCH rather play with fabric and paper!


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