Wednesday, December 22, 2010

quiet time

The quiet time took me be surprise last night. I was prepared to be inundated with the complaints of every inept malcontent and miscreant up and walking  last night only to have long minutes of blessed silence between brief, businesslike "let's get it done" calls.

My scrap basket was just within reach so, with my eyes closed, I felt out the pieces of cotton that had the same soft weave and started hand piecing them just for something to do. This is only about 3"x5". Maybe I'll grow it a little more later on. Hand piecing is not a favorite pastime as I seem to stick my self often ...some of those red spots around the edges are NOT dye.


Gilli said...

Well, you just put a little more into your work. Like blood. Can't wait to see what this becomes.

Quilt or Dye said...

Hand piece enough and you will develop a callus that won't bleed. Only takes a short time.

Robbie said...

Sometimes the little troublemakers will actually allow us some rest won't they! Enjoy the holidays and tranquillity when you can!