Sunday, December 19, 2010

"Taken By the Night" finished

"Taken By the Night"


It was nice to get something completed before the year ran out. It's charmed and puzzled me every step of the way but last night it really felt finished and this morning I faced it with a piece of even sky colored cotton and called it good.

It finished out at 11.5"x13.5" and is ready to frame. $290.00 includes shipping inside the US and if I get off Priority Mail tomorrow, it should arrive in time for holiday gift giving.

go here for a clickable close up. email me if you are interested.


Angela said...

It's wonderful, the colours are great.

Anonymous said...

Nice, Deb.

arlee said...

I can see so many things in this one: an embrace, a flight, a comforting, man and woman, woman and bird, sun and moon-----i especially like the figure at the bottom breathing bubbles of sky

juliaD said...

Simply stunning...Have a very good christmas...xx.julia