Monday, December 13, 2010

Juicy observes

How would you like to turn around in the studio and find this looking over your shoulder?

Juicy is Jake's cat and is just starting to fit in instead of spending every moment in hiding.

Although he is fierce and intimidating to look at, he's a big scaredy cat and bolts the minute anyone but Jake approaches him. Sweetie is quite put off by this incursion and has been walking around with her back fur all up in disgust.


Phyllis said...

Jake is lovely. I absolutely love black cats! Poor Sweetie, but maybe she will adjust and share the space...or not!

Connie Rose said...

Juicy's beautiful, and good luck with the new cat introduction thing. I hope Sweetie gets over it. BeeGee never got over it when I introduced Kirby. Now they're separated (as are me and my ex) and I know everyone's happier.

zquilts said...

I have a case of kitty lust! What a handsome fellow he is. I just mentioned to DH last night that we need an all black kitty to befriend all white Tillie.... who has been with us 8 months now and is finally developing quite a purrsonality. It's been fun to watch her become herself - and not quite the frightened little girl who lived in the shelter for a year!

Judy Warner said...

Looks like Juicy had decided it is a great place to be. I am sure Sweetie and Juicy will work out living arrangements. Just takes time.

ant said...

omg - what a delicious a giant black fur ball with golden glowing eyes...glad to see Juicy out and about...that;s her way of saying "these digs will do."
Love this picture!

tiedyejudy said...

I am going thru similar adjustments with bringing a new cat in... my other two are in various stages of being in a snit, totally outraged, posturing, making unapproving noises... but Shrekkie knows I'm his protector and is doing great! BTW, Juicy is gorgeous! Maybe Sweetie is just overwhelmed by his good looks? ;->

Natalya Aikens said...

gorgeous cat!

Dawn said...

OMG! That could be our cat! She loves to hide in plain sight and then open her eyes and suddenly appear before our eyes! Amazing how alike they look, right down to the color of their eyes. Juicy doesn't happen to have a snaggle tooth, does he?

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