Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Looney Eclipse

When will I learn that the time to learn about  proper camera settings is not as you stand on the deck in your slippers and nightwear shivering? The moon was dead overhead so I reckoned that putting the camera on 10 second delay and laying it on it's back on the picnic table would be a good thing to try. Then the cloud cover started racing by. You can even see Venus I think.

The clouds parted for just a second and this shot came out pretty good.  No, that's not my finger...I threw those shots out with the other forty odd that I took.  I even sat up in bed reading the manual for a while. Better than a glass of wine or a pill.....

the one below is my favorite. who knows what the camera settings were?

The creatures were celebrating in their own fashion - I took three dog bite  reports over the course of the evening!


  1. I got up to see it last night but we had too much cloud cover. I could tell the difference in the ambient light but could not see the moon at all. Nice shots

  2. I think the pictures are great -- I checked it before I went to bed and nothing was happening so -- snore!
    Your pictures are the closest I'll get to it! Thanks.


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