Sunday, December 05, 2010

sunday stitchin

Sweetie was annoyed that I abandoned our afternoon nap in favor of other things like bothering her with the camera and stitching in the afternoon sun for the scant hour and change that it  comes through the bedroom slider on the back of the house. If I'm ready early enough I can catch the morning sun in the studio now that the leaves are mostly off the trees in the front of the house.


  1. love the colors in your stitching. i see a bird above and a camel below. cat has some luxurious wrap.

  2. Sweetie and BeeGee definitely look related! Check out his blog,

  3. ooooooooh, isn't it interesting that a cat will choose the most luxurious place to nap...such a sweet picture of Sweetie...
    love the piece you are stitching colors...

  4. That cloth looks luscious! I would want to wrap myself in it and take a nap too! It's amazing what stitching will do to a cloth... magic! I love the beautiful colors.
    :~) Debi

  5. Gorgeous fabric, I'm with Sweetie, I'd curl up in it, too. My Pepper is my studio helper, I put a great shot of him glaring at one of my outside cats on my blog yesterday.


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