Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sweetie's first snow

Sweetie has been acting so strange since it started snowing last night, running around the house (she sounds like a herd of ponies) and going around with her hair all up.

Then I remembered that this was probably her first snow. She joined our family last year and spent a good three months sequestered  upstairs, recuperating from being a feral waif, a minor surgery and keeping her from the rest of the crew. I'm sure she missed the brief snowfall we had last winter.

It was hard to get a good shot because she was doing that foot shaking dance cats do when they step in something they don't like.


  1. How sweet! My Vermont cats, after a couple of years of going out in the snow, have decided that this year they don't like it and they're staying indoors. They're tigers too, and my Poppy looks just like Sweetie.

  2. oooooooh what a Sweetie! Cats are just so curious about everything...your snow is beautiful...hope you don't have to go out driving and can just enjoy the view from the deck...

  3. Don't you just love cats and their
    little quirks.

  4. Hah! My 3 mountain cats think nothing of traipsing through the snow! They're not too wild about being out when the wind blows, but know shelters they can go to if they need to get out of it! The mouse hunt must go on... ;->

  5. She's a beauty. Reminds me of my Tommy (Thomas O'Malley) cat. He liked the snow but did the snow dance, too.

  6. she looks like a coon.

  7. The snow dance reminds me of a time in Alaska, during the coldest winter on record; -80 or more. I was there on Nana duty, awaiting the birth of granddaughter #2.
    The media advised people to protect their pets, too. Booties for the dogs, and to keep animals inside. Well, my son's dog, a sheltie, did NOT like the booties. Put the right foot in, and shake it all about, Put the left foot in, and turn it all about. It was hysterical. We were picking up booties from around the yard. We settled for quick trips outside.


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