Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I'm starting to get that "what now" message from this piece and have twice forged ahead with uninformed, headlong sort of stitching only to stop myself and painstakingly pick the buggers out. The royal blue damask is particularly fragile.

I can see that I need to do something defining for that birds right wing and the blue moon. I've gotten too close to this one and need to step away for a while. Maybe some cooking, cleaning and shopping? Nah...


  1. i am so liking the detailed stitching on this one and the shift from warm to cool

  2. Wash your hands for typing those dirty words!

  3. Oooooh great! Look at these blue grabbing hands .... and the scared looking "snow bird" ... I love the stitching on the gray-yellow part!
    (Have been following but hadn't time to comment, sorry)

  4. the bird looks like she has a halo... i like it a lot!

  5. Walk away and look at it later - I think it's done and looks great. Lots of ying and yang going on.

  6. Did I just discover a chicklet? OMG! It's a mama bird with her hatchling! Awwww...

  7. Such exquisite colors and I love the way the stitching blends the shapes and the hues. So many things unfold the longer one stares and explores...


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