Friday, April 29, 2011

Do you know where your work is?

I was waiting for the power to go the other  night and stalling about shutting down the computer by rooting around in old bookmarks. Mine are so disorganized as to be almost useless. It was "404 error" this and "OOPS, page can't be found" that as I opened crusty old links.

Then I stumbled across Saatchi Online and realized I had work on display there and my gallery there was ages old and badly needed updating.  If you signed on with Saatchi when they first made a splash by offering this freebie,  you should revisit them and get your house in order.

Something new, they offer the opportunity to sell prints of your work  but your uploaded images have to meet their size specs and mine are all too small for now.
They have completely redone the interface for artists and it took some time to get up to speed. There's much more to be done and I realize that my online time would be better spent at this than playing words games that I almost always lose!

Then I got to thinking about all the various places that I have spewed my work online and my brain starts to hurt!

Oh well, it's a sunny day today, I'm off from work and may go larking about town looking for trouble, film at 11, never mind the Royal Wedding (lovely as it was).

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