Monday, May 02, 2011

brand new bag

I had to work over the weekend so I loaded up the scrap basket and proceeded to pave over that cloth bag.

It was a blinding lime green paisley Vera Bradley knockoff  when I bought it in the grocery store a few years ago. The perfect size, shape and arrangement of compartments, I could never quite get over the color and use it, even for 50% off...the trend was over.

I made over the scalding yellow duffle bag version three years ago and it's still in service when I fly (makes a great pillow depending on what you stuff in it)

I've given up stitching in the tiny cramped spaces and am resorting to metallic textile paint to cover up the remainder of the green. It will be a work in progress for a while but I think I'll start using it today...well, as soon as the paint dries.

Astounding news last night about killing OBL.  I can't help but wonder about all the people he infected with his hatred over the ten years in hiding and what they are thinking. Wonder about the people who were willing to hide him and what the Hell is this crap about burying him at sea?

There is passing interest in this household about conspiracy theories and I can't imagine what they will make of this piece of nonsense.


Kit Lang said...

Love the work you're doing on the new/old bag!

BSP (Beloved Spouse) and I were discussing the burial at sea on they way into work today - I know that it was done that way because no one would claim the body (I suppose because they didn't want to acknowledge have/proof either); and according to the Muslim religion he had to buried w/in 24 hours (who wants THAT kind of international incident). I hope that they at least kept some DNA before they buried him there though it will never be enough for those Thomas's out there who will want to "put their hand in the wound".

Controversially, both BSP and I were uncomfortable with both the murder of OBL (no idea of bringing him to justice but rather just the retribution for lives lost) and the jubliation online about his death. We get it, and yet, it doesn't sit well. (Were Canadian, it's in our bones. ;) )

Sadly, this won't bring an end to terrorism by Muslim extremeists, nor by any other kind of terrorists; and may spark retribution on their part.

And so it goes...

Though I am pleased for the Americans as it will provide some relief of that always-present fear; all in all, I thought it was a bit of a depressing statement about Western culture/society/thought on this dreary Monday morning and it left me feeling rather dispirited.

So I'm very glad to see your bright and happy bag.

Anonymous said...

darn girl!

love that bag!

yeah when they first released the report late last night the headline read that

we have his body <<<exactly this

and then over five minutes this headline molded and shaped and changed fonts etc.

literally refreshing in seconds each time the headline changed a little on the same site.

mostly it's made me sad

Cathie said...

Deb - I LOVE THIS BAG! Very hip and unique. So fun to keep working on things to get them to be just the way we like them.

OBL comment: my husband and I can't BELIEVE they quietly slipped him into the ocean. What is up with that?

arlee said...

Hard to dig up bones from the bottom of the ocean to have him deified in some secret spot, i suppose.

And the bag is a delight to distract from the crap of the world :)