Wednesday, May 25, 2011

commitment & magic burritos

commitment...Isn't that getting sent to Wingdale (NY) or Milledgeville (GA)..I'm sure every state has one, the famed nuthouse.
My mother used to say "You kids are going to drive me to Wingdale!" and I'd smart off and say "Give me the car keys".

No, this is a different kind of  commitmen- the kind that makes me feel like someone is chasing me around the paddock, bridle in hand, but I'll get over it.

A map, compass and destination are good things sometimes.  Since I've been a rudderless boat lately I've signed up for a class - Jude Hill's "Cloth Whispering - the Magic Diaries" and before I really even know what's going on I'm rummaging through the cloth, new and old, to see which ones will be a part of the process.

I've set a side a growing group of pieces that will not be coming to my dance and have decided to share them like this. Each roll has 8 to 10 layers each piece approximately 3" by 18" or more - damask, huck, muslin, broadcloth, all chose for that certain spark that sets things off. Some edges are torn and others cut. As smaller pieces get used up, I'll be substituting other pieces of cloth.

I'll be posting them for sale here

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Judy Martin said...

Deb, your fabrics are so wonderful. I just got caught up on what you've been doing with dye, you've been so productive. wow.

One thing that is not said enough is the physical labour that goes into hand colouring cloth. I think that layer of your body's work, adds as much power to work made from hand dyed fabric as the beauty. An invisible layer of energy.

All your work has that positive energy - love it.