Tuesday, May 31, 2011

more QN thoughts

Thanks to Deidre Adams for posting a fine overview of QN 2011. When I first attended QN the biggest impression I got from seeing the quilts in person was the impact of the sheer size of  the majority of the pieces.

This time my impressions are the overall confidence and intent of the art. Because of the rule about keeping these works unpublished before the judging, I imagine that many of them were created with only this venue in mind.
It makes me wonder about my own level of confidence as I imagine designing and building several significant pieces with no input from anyone at all - a secret undertaking with no one to confide in except the mirror which could easily be a font of delusional bullshit!  I am so accustomed to sharing my process and where it takes me that working under cover like that looks like a grim, joylessness sentence. And just imagine getting rejected, three for three, after spending two years in that solitary cell. All the more reason to congratulate all the participants once again.


Judy Martin said...

I wonder if the quilts in this year's Quilt National were created just for this exhibit.

Mine wasn't.
I just made it, along with about ten others, all at the same time, and when the deadline came up, I finished it and entered it. I've been rejected twice at least, and had no false hopes.

I did have a little trouble with keeping it secret after it was accepted - but not that much.

In regard to blogging about our creative work, I don't think that even Quilt National can stop us from doing that at the beginning of our working process.

I really hope to see one of your gorgeous quilts in the Dairy Barn next time, Deb. I plan to be there.

Thanks again for your support.

Deb Lacativa said...

Judy, I'll keep trying..I'm a sucker for a party!