Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I've finished the second "RĂªver" and would make more but there were only two armrest covers on that couch and I'm not ready to skin it for the rest of the upholstery...although who would miss cloth taken from the back to the wall?

To keep from tearing down the trail with my eyes closed on another project, I've committed to finishing off a fling I started a while back...miles of white quilting are ahead, enough to keep me out of trouble I hope.

This one will be a warm up for the Islands  now that I have a better idea of how they should be built.


  1. before you cut the back of the couch up...have you looked for this weight of fabric at the thrift stores??? don't you normally keep an eye out for damask and like weights?

    'work' shirts as i used to call them...they are so comfy when worn out. can't blame you for wanting to mend them!

  2. digging the top 2 pieces...


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