Sunday, July 24, 2011

"Everything happens for a reason..."

I heard that expression a total of five times in the day yesterday. I always add on "and in it's own time". Something is demanding my attention.

Meanwhile, my buddy J. and I hit the road yesterday in search of a new Goodwill to pillage. Another  J. gave me the notion of finding Goodwills near more affluent neighborhoods..and was she ever was right, but we didn't consult the map before we went questing. The light purple is how we got there, the darker purple how we got home. 

Still, my little car sits for too long unused, is good on gas even running the AC and it gave us time to catch up, reflect and plot.  Over lunch I found out she had reconnected and made peace with the spouse who had abandoned her to single-motherhood so ago. It was wonderful to hear the relief in her voice from putting down this burden of anger and bitterness carried all these many years.

When we got back to my house with our finds, we sat in my newly AC'ed studio and chatted over most of a Braves game on TV, re-hydrated and generally relaxed like the queens of our world that we are. Blessed.


  1. sounds like my kind of groovy day! so what did you score at GW.

  2. Ah! The good times and talk outweighed the score but I found
    a large woven, cotton tablecloth - very griddish - and a bunch of good books that were on my wishlist for a long time. Their book selection is enormous but was obviously shelved by a non-reader- total Chaos. Scholarly tomes on computer coding (and quite recent) were snuggled with bodice rippers
    and Martha Stewart "How Tos" There's a thread there however obtuse and tenuous. I could donate a couple of days work organizing but hopefully it's someones paying job at some point. The Goodwills here make jobs for people in transition from shelters and halfway houses and such.

  3. our goodwills do the same here on the west coast, give jobs.

    i clicked on your passed at least 4 country clubs, so i guess you were in the affluent areas! but it also looked like a pleasant drive.

  4. i wish it had been me...or, that i
    could have just been in the back seat. that's the one thing i keep bringing to the fore about the someday upcoming move...a whole new world of goodwill and thrift.

  5. Anonymous9:14 PM

    what a fun day!
    nothing bets girl fun.
    congrats on the new ac.


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