Tuesday, July 26, 2011

change of direction

Looking at these together on the wall and marking the feeling I had when I determined that it was OK to baste the first layer in place, I reflected on something Grace said about the cloth she is working on for the mcd class.

It's made me recognize that my choice of path/project  for the class was incorrect, which would account for it feeling forced and disorganized. I'm still going forward with it because it's intent was utility all along - I need a Magic Cloak. The cold will return here someday.

The reason I named this series "RĂªver" was all about the state of mind I experienced as I made my choices of color and shape within the gentle bounds of the gridded white base cloth, each relating to it's neighbors in comfortable ways and bounded by a comfort zone of whitespace. Each small rectangle now becomes a canvas on it's own - a second, and sometimes third layer of expression.
All the cloth for these comes from my scrap jar where I keep snips as small as postage stamps because I can't just throw them away.

Now I have to figure on how to bring that entire jar with me on the plane. I was going to just take a carry-on but it looks like I'm back to checking a bag.


  1. I was also struck by what Grace said. It stopped me in my tracks for short while and made me start to think in a different direction... or rather the direction the cloth was telling me it wanted to go instead of how I was forcing it (and myself) to be. So, I'm going to loosen up a bit. I love looking at all three of your hangings together. Inspiration first thing in the morning!

    xx ;-) Debi

  2. isn't all of this just grand?

  3. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Love the tiny mini canvases. I can't throw away tiny bits either.


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