Monday, July 25, 2011

preparing to fly

I've laid the groundwork for another "Rêver" using a chunk of that silk/linen blend skirt and find myself gravitating to stronger colors this time out. I've been looking at the other two long enough to go forward in a slightly different direction. I recognize and honor the comfort of the grid even if I am disorderly within the lines. 

Now I have to round up enough raw materials to hold me through a week away and remember that I will have to check a bag whether I like it or not because traveling with projects full of pins and scissors demands it. 

Have to remember to pin the note on that says "Dear TSA, Warning - Pins Here -please don't get blood on the fabric"

And here are the books I scored at the GW. I have looked at and handled a few e-readers but can't imagine not holding the real thing in my hands.


deanna7trees said...

love all that luscious cloth on the grid. as far as the e-reader--it took me a while to get used to my kindle, but i just love it. i always carry it with me and i can read a variety of things (books, newspaper, etc.) wherever i have to wait. i would never carry all that stuff with me on my daily travels.

Vicky~ stichr ~ said...

deb the new layout is fantastic! books....i still get the real deal too, they don't use power for one thing (vbg)

i did consider getting my mil an e-reader so she can see the larger type, but she is so computer-challenged she would never use it.

have fun travelling!

Anonymous said...

it does feel really different. michael has the work ipad and there are some free books available. i've tried a couple of time and it is really difficult to feel like i'm reading.


i do see how it works for people on the go, or to keep with you just in case.

i think of all those times doctors visits turned into hours and hours of wasted time.

to quote my sister....always pack a bag....but i realize as i become older i won't just look a little odd with a book bag, journal bag, and stitching bag coming into a building....i'll be that bag lady.